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Birth 2 JAN 1794 • Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England Death 1875 • Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire West Riding

I have always been trying to find Thomas Thorsby's parents, William and Mary Thorsby. Because Thomas was born in 1820, I thought his father must have been born around 1800. I recently located a William Thorsby in the 1871 England Census that was born in 1793. Could this be the William I have been looking for? I am not sure. The census shows that in 1871 he was living with his son-in-law in Misson, (Civil Parrish), Newington (Town), Yorkshire (County) , England. The census indicates that he was born in Beckingham, Nottinghamshire, England. Source information: RG10/4723, Registration District Doncaster,Sub-Registration District Bawtry.




William and Mary also had a son Charles, born in England in 1828. I found records stating that he immigrated in 1852. Married Charity Ann Richley in 1858 and died in 1902.




Verna Boyd of Australia sent me the following Information:




1. Edward Thorsby/Thursby


Spouse: Elizabeth Audas


Christen Date: 21 Mar 1773


Christen Place: Finningley, Nottinghamshire


Spouse Father: John Audas


Spouse Mother: Susannah Hanson


Marriage Date: 31 Jan 1793


Marriage Place: Beckingham Nottinghamshire


Children: William XXX


George XX


Other Spouses: Mary Wasden




1.1 William Thorsby/Thursby


Birth Date: 2 Jan 1794


Birth Place: Beckingham Nottinghamshire


Death Date: 1875


Death Place: Ecclesall Bierlow Yorkshire 83 yrs


Occupation: Shepherd


Spouse: Hannah Dickinson


Birth Date: 1792


Death Date: 1869


Death Place: Doncaster, RD Yorkshire Age 77 yrs


Marriage Date: 26 Dec 1815


Marriage Place: Scrooby Nottinghamshire






























1.1.1 James Thorsby


Christening Date: 11 Dec 1817


Christening Place: Austerfield, Yorkshire


Death Date: 1886


Death Place: Doncaster Yorkshire age 68yrs


Occupation: Maltster


Notes; Will of James Thorsby late of Doncaster in County of York. Gentleman died 14 December 1886 at 30 French Gate Doncaster. Will was proved at Wakefield by George Thorsby of 4 Copley Road Doncaster, Timber merchant and Sawyer, the son. One of the Executors. Personal Estate 351p 3s 9d.




Spouse: Jane Abbott


Birth Place: Everton Nottigham


Christening Date: 8 Oct 1820


Christening Place: Worksop Nottingham


Death Date: 1894


Death Place: Doncaster Yorkshire age 73yrs


Spouse Father: John Abott


Spouse Mother: Elizabeth


Marriage Date: 1843


Marriage Place: East Retford Nottinghamshire










Ann Elizabeth








1.1.2 Edward Thorsby


Birth Date:17 Oct 1819


Birth Place: Austrfield Yorkshire


Christening Date: 17 Oct 1819


Christening Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Occupation: General Shopkeeper




Notes: Living at 18 Windsor Street Kingston-Upon-Hull Yorkshire




1881 Census




Spouse: Jane Lambert


Birth Date: 1822


Birth Place: Hull, Yorkshire


Death Date: 1894


Death Place: Doncaster Yorkshire age 73yrs


Marriage Date: 1844


Marriage Place: Sculcoates, Yorkshire June Q






Ann Elizabeth




James Lambert






1.1.3 Wiiliam Thorsby


Birth Date:30 Aug 1816


Birth Palce: Austerfield


Christen Date: 1820


Christen Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Death Date: 1883


Death Place: Louth Lincolnshire age 68yrs


Burial Date: 7 Jul 1883


Burial Place: St. Mary Mablethorpe Linc.


Occupation: Inspector of County Police--Publican-Eagle Hotel Mablethorpe




1861 Census Holbeach


William Thorsby Head 40 Inspector of County Police


born: Austefield Yorkshire


Susanna Thorsby wife 30 b. Harby Leicestershire


William B. Thorsby son 7 b. Scarborough York


Spouse: Susanna Blount


Birth Place: Hickling


Christen Date: 23 Jan 1830


Christen Place: Harby Leicestershire


Death Date: 31 July 1913


Death Place: Mablethorpe Lincolnshire


Spouse Father: William Blount (1791-)


Spouse Mother: Mary Hourd (1795-)




Spouse Notes:


Will of Susannah Thorsby of the "The Eagle Hotel" Mablethorpe Lincolnshire, widow, died July 31, 1913 at Mablethorpe. Probate London 19 August to Mary Hannah Thorsby, Spinster. Effects 107p 9s 6d.




Marriage Date: 1852


Marriage Place: Radford Nottinghamshire




William Blount


Mary Hannah


Emily Blount


Frances Edith


George Henry Blount




1.1.4 Elizabeth Thorsby/Thursby




Christen Date: 18 Aug 1822


Christen Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Death Date: 1891


Death Place: Rotterham Yorkshire age 60yrs Jun Q




Spouse: Robert Tatterson Thornton


Christen Date; 11 Apr 1825


Christen Place: Haxey Lincolnshire


Spouse Father: Robert Thornton


Spouse Mother: Mary Akrill




Marriage Date: 30 July 1844


Marriage Place: Doncaster Yorkshire






William Robert Thorsby


George H.


John J.


Walter Charles




Elizabeth Frances


Frederick T.


Harry F.




1.1.5 Frances Thorsby/Thursby




Christen Date: 21 Nov 1824


Christen Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Death Date: 1904


Death Place: York age 77yrs




1881 Census


Frances Stringer W 57 Austerfield Annuitant


Living 32 Roscoe St. Scarborough Yorkshire




Spouse: Robert Stringer


Death Date: 1873


Death Place: Doncaster Yorkshire age 52yrs




Marriage Date: 21 May 1850


Marriage Place: Doncaster Yorkshire




1.1.6a John Thorsby/Thursby*




Christen Date: 4 Oct 1829


Christen Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Death Date: 14 Nov 1904


Death Place: Scamblesby Lincolnshire age 75


Occupation: Superintendant of Police-Horncastle-Hotelkeeper




Notes: Will of John Thorsby of Scamblesby Lincolnshire, retired Police Superintendant, died 14 November 1904. Probate Lincoln 5 January to Hannah Froggatt (wife of Thomas Frogatt) Effects 590pounds 19s11d.




Spouse: Hannah Newton


Birth Date: 30 Sep 1827


Birth Place: Gingely on the Hill, Nottingham


Death Date: 1864


Death Place: Horncastle Linc.


Spouse Mother: Mary Newton (1806-)


Marriage Date: 1853


Marriage Place: Sheffield Yorkshire




Children: Frances Anne


Other Spouse; Harriet Cardin




1.1.6b John Thorsby/Thursby*


(See Above)




Spouse: Harriet Cardin


Birth Date: 1837


Birth Place: Friskney Lincolnshire




Marriage Date: 1865


Marriage Place; Horncastle Lincolnshire Sep Q


Other Spouses: Hannah Newton




1.1.7 Esau Thorsby/Thursby




Christen Date: 19 Jun 1831


Christen Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Death Date: 1864


Occupation: Tailor




1.1.8 Jacob Thorsby/Thursby




Birth Date: 19 Jun 1831


Christen Date: 19 Jun 1831


Christen Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Burial Date: 10 Oct 1831


Burial Place: Austerfiled Yorkshire




1.1.9 Ann Thorsby/Thursby




Birth Date: 19 Aug 1827


Birth Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Death Date: 1908


Death Place: Scarborough Yorkshire age 80yrs




Spouse: Thomas Fagan


Birth Date: 1830


Birth Place:Pickering Yorkshire


Death Date: 1899


Death Place: Scarborough Yorkshire


Occupation: Painter & Decorator


Marriage Date: 1854


Marriage Place: Doncaster Yorkshire






Albert Edward T.




1.1.10 Thomas Thorsby/Thursby




Birth Date: 2 Jul 1820


Birth Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Christen Date: 1 Jul 1821


Death Date: 22 Oct 1900


Death Place: Vienna, Genesee Co Michigan United States


Notes: Thomas immigrated in 1844




Spouse: Margaret Cornford


Birth Date: 30 Oct 1828


Birth Place: Heathfield Sussex England


Death Date: 2 Dec 1888


Death Place: Michigan United States






George Edward


Edgar A.


Hannah Elizabeth


David Washington


Henry Lincoln


Charles S.




1.1.11 George Thorsby/Thursby


Christen Date: 5 Oct 1823


Christen Place: Austerfield Yorkshire




1.1.12 Charles Thorsby/Thursby


Christen Date: 18 Dec 1825


Christen Place: Austerfield Yorkshire


Death Date: 1902


Death Place: Bay City Michigan United States


Notes: Immigrated to United States 1852




Spouse; Charity Ann Richley


Birth Date: 1835


Birth Place; Houghton Norfolk Co., Ontario Canada


Death Date: Jan 1918


Death Place: Age 83yrs


Spouse Father: William R. Richley


Spouse Mother: Sally Ann (Sarah) Tray




















1.2 George Thorsby/Thursby


Christen Date: 13 Feb 1796


Christen Place; Beckingham Nottinghamshire


Death Date: 1841


Death Place: East Retford Nottinghamshire


Spouse: Mary Learad


Death Date: 1847


Death Place: East Retford Nottinghamshire


Spouse Father: John Learad


Spouse Mother:Sarah


Marriage Place: West Retford Nottinghamshire








George Learad








1.2.1 William Thorsby/Thursby


1.2.2 George Learad Thorsby/Thursby


1.2.3 John Thorsby/Thursby


1.2.4 Charles Thorsby/Thursby

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