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Birth 30 MAR 1752 • Finningley, Yorkshire, England Death 2 AUG 1795

Verna Boyd had sent me the following information on Edward Thorsby/Thursby




1. Edward Thorsby/Thursby


Spouse: Elizabeth Audas


Christen Date: 21 Mar 1773


Christen Place: Finningley, Nottinghamshire


Spouse Father: John Audas


Spouse Mother: Susannah Hanson


Marriage Date: 31 Jan 1793


Marriage Place: Beckingham Nottinghamshire


Children: William XXX


George XX


Other Spouses: Mary Wasden




With that information I hired Rob Burns of Acorn Genealogy, Great Britain to perfrom some further research. I asked Rob to try and locate information about the birth and death of Edward Thorsby. Rob sent me a packet containing document scans for Edward Thursby and Elizabeth Audas. Rob discovered that at the Nottingham Archives, in the Beckingahm parish registers, that 31 January 1793 Edward and Elizabeth were married, William Thorsby was baptized 2nd Jan 1794 and George was baptized 10th Dec 1795. Edward was buried 2nd Aug 1795. But this was actually a second marriage, having married Mary Wasden 8th July 1776.




Born to Edward and Mary was;


Elizabeth: 1st Nov 1777,


Edward: 6th Mar 1781,


Sarah: 25th Mar 1783,


Thomas: 7th Apr 1786,


John Watson: 25th Mar 1791.


Mary was buried 25th Mar 1791.




Edward Thursby was baptized 30th Mar 1752, the son of Edward and Mary (Forster) Thursby. No other children were born. Marriage took place on 30th Dec 1749 and was his second marriage. Edward's first wife was Hannah Bingham, on 30th Dec, 1742. Two children were born to Hannah/Edward; Elizabeth, 3rd Oct, 1743 and Sarah, 26th Apr 1747. Hannah died eight months later, buried 31st Dec, 1747. Mary (Forster) was buried 3rd Nov, 1755. Sarah was buried 28th Nov, 1757. Edward was buried 2nd Feb, 1784.


Elizabeth Audas was baptized



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