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After having submitting samples to several different DNA testing companies, I was unable to match with any Thorsby family members. It is possible that no one with the surname Thorsby has submitted a sample to be tested.  I was also interested that our DNA was similar to those living in Scotland, rather than Yorkshire, England.

I read about Dr Tyrone Bowes and how he is able to locate a persons homeland, based on his Y-DNA (remember, only males have the Y chromosome) and matches from FTDNA. I hired him to prepare a case study.

Dr. Bowes conducted his study and determined that number of my dna matches originated in Scotland.  The closest match, in fact, came from Crieff, Scotland. This would have been approximately 1,000 years ago. I also found that in 1604, King James of England, outlawed the name MacGregor, under penalty of death. (ref: See   So, the MacGregor clan members had to changed their names. Possibly even moving into England at some point. This information matches with my DNA test results as well.

Coat of Arms and Family Crest

A Coat of Arms was awarded to a nobleman by the King of England.  They were not given to a "family" but to an individual and was passed down down to that man's first born son, with a slight change. According to  Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, Volume 2, John Harvey Thursby, Esq was awarded arms as described: "2nd and 3rd, argent, a chevron, between three lions, rampant, sa". The crest was described as "A lion, rampant, sa, holding a battle-axe erect, or" . "Argent" means something siler metal would be shown as white. The abbreviation "sa" is sable or black. "Rampant" means standing on it's hind legs and "or" means whatever gold metal is showing should be yellow.

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